Professionalism, confidentiality, reflective impartiality and open appreciation are an integral part of my profession and go without saying.

Values such as integrity, trust, straightforwardness, respect and the belief that we can all continue to develop at all times are very important to me in my work.

Everything is in a state of flux, everything is process

Any development is a process. Like on a hike, you walk step by step to reach a goal. You may stumble over stones. Now and then, you take a breather and take the time to marvel at nature.

Suddenly, the path takes a steep uphill turn and you wonder if you can make it. You show courage and perseverance. You believe in yourself. And then you find you have reached your goal!

Even opening one’s heart is a process, which cannot just happen right away, but comes about gradually by having the courage more and more, step by step, to open up.

This is exactly how human development processes work.

Focus on abilities, potentials and possibilities

I focus on your abilities, potentials and possibilities. Together we activate your potentials. We find new perspectives and paths to solutions so you’re ready to initiate changes. 


You are the expert when it comes to yourself. I work on the assumption that you already have the solutions within you, but they remain hidden and you can’t see them just now. I help you get to the wellspring of who you are, to look inwards together and identify solutions – for a new quality of life and lightness of being.

I work from a position of appreciation, understanding and love for you and your situation.

I do NOT make future predictions.
I do NOT make any health claims.