I’m Claudia. Social worker, therapist, coach and medium. You’re in good hands with me!

Follow your energy – it leads to your goals!

I’m a supportive companion and mentor helping you to climb the steepest peaks at your own speed – with respect, humor and warmth.

Process of session

I begin the session with intensive aura reading. As I contemplate your energy field and your chakra, I see a variety of things, such as:

  • issues that concern you in the here and now,
  • events in your past that you cannot let go of,
  • your family of origin and patterns and blocks arising from this, and
  • potential and possibilities.

After this, I establish contact with a deceased loved one of yours. This will be a person who can give your perspective and points for reflection on the issue at hand.

I will also connect with my spiritual guide* in the energy world and ask them for their input.

To round off the session, we will process all the information received in a traditional coaching round.

In this session, I consciously combine all my formal education and training, my life experience and 30 years of counselling practice with the sensitive and mediumship skills that I have been trained in.

You will learn how and where you can make a concrete start and begin to bring about the change you are seeking with new courage and greater clarity.

If this type of coaching does not appeal to you, you might like to book a life coaching session with me.

I look forward to meeting you!

Spiritual Coaching

Are you looking for a trustworthy, respectful and competent specialist who helps calm the restless thoughts buzzing around your head so you can see solutions and perspectives more clearly once again?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The aim of our spiritual coaching is that you will go home with new insights and fresh courage. You will take home ideas and tools with which you can independently work on your development process.

As in aura coaching, this can cover various issues; conflicts, new objectives, inability to say NO, burnout, orientation crises or changes and development processes of various kinds.

In addition, spiritual coaching is suitable for addressing several complex and stressful situations.

Spiritual coaching differs from aura coaching in two respects:

  • Besides aura reading, I connect with my spiritual guides in Spirit World and make a spirit contact with a deceased loved one of yours.
  • The session lasts 90–120 minutes. At the end, wrap up the session with a traditional coaching methods. I want to empower you to take all the received information into your daily life and start change.

Together, we look at your behaviour patterns and blocks and you will be able once again to do what you normally do well. Come up with solutions!


You do not have to do anything to prepare for this session. Come to the session free of expectations and bring openness and curiosity with you. Don’t let me have any information beforehand so you can be sure that contact with the energy world is authentic.

For 15 years, I had the privilege of working as a social worker, therapist and coach for an international pharmaceutical company, where I accompanied more than 300 people who had experienced burnout, and thus became a burnout expert. I have suppported many of them in their reintegration into the workplace. A website dedicated to burnout is under construction.

If this type of coaching does not appeal to you, you might like to book a life coaching session with me.

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