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I’m Claudia. Social worker, therapist, coach and medium.You’re in good hands with me!

My story

Parental house

 My name is Claudia Roth. Born 1962, a native of Basel with Italian roots who grew up in Basel with older siblings.

My mother was from Ticino, mother, wife and lawyer by profession. She fought for women’s suffrage and taught Italian free of charge. Sadly, we lost her in 1977 after a long illness.

My father was Swiss and American, an economist by profession. Feminist, adventurer and humanist.

I grew up in a very rational, rather detached and unemotional family. Anything that could not be scientifically proven did not exist. Generally more reading was done in the family than speaking, and when words were spoken, they would take the form of philosophizing.

Youth, very turbulent

My youth was turbulent. I believe my parents found me too libertarian and slightly obstinate.

So, I made the acquaintance of three different boarding schools in different language regions. It seemed as if the boarding schools did not understand me, I did not find them very cooperative. After some time I was emphatically invited to look around for a different educational setting.

Other institutions took care of my education and upbringing. I gained little from the diligent efforts of all these pedagogues.

I have always liked listening and been interested in people and their inner world.

I already noticed early on that looking at the other side of things sharpens the inner view of oneself. I always saw it as natural to enjoy helping people.

Adolescence, still turbulent

My life continued to be very eventful before I eventually took up my studies in social work in Bern at the age of 32. 

After my schooling, I found Switzerland to be too parochial for my adventurous spirit. In the summer of 1982, I made the acquaintance of a Sicilian woman. We instantly clicked, and one day she said: “Come to Sicily!” and before I knew it, I found myself at the University of Catania in the autumn of 1982, where I got to know, at a game of poker, the man who would later become my husband.

In short: marriage to said Sicilian, birth of our daughter, returned to Switzerland for a year. Then back to Sicily. In 1989, I returned to Switzerland, to Bern, with my daughter.

In Sicily, my horizon was enriched by experiences with the Sicilian organization for illegal activities (!). Concepts which until then had been abstract terms such as corruption and cronyism were filled with new meaning before my eyes on a daily basis.

The incredible beauty of this island, the climate, the warmth of the people, new-found friends and a wonderful job remain with me, following the separation from my husband.

I learned to ride a motorbike because I could not bear the traffic jams on the roads. Needless to say without a helmet, in a tank top, shorts and sandals. The bike and I – a lifelong love.

The thirties, and the turbulence just knows no end

I returned to Switzerland because my dear brother lived there. He was in the end-stage of a long illness and his death was only a matter of time. 

In a full-time job as a single mother, I cared for my daughter and supported my brother as best I could. It was a challenging time with a lot of responsibility.

At 32, I began my studies in social work. At the same time, I worked in accommodation centres for refugees.

Asylum seekers from all over the world became a vicarious form of the travel for me. I learned so much from these people!

I went to Mainz for five months with my daughter on an Erasmus semester. It was then, at the very latest, that it dawned on me. It is not only that life threw up challenges for me to learn from, but sometimes I positively sought them out!

The eventful puberty of my daughter saw the start of an intensive time in my personal development process. I discovered that counselling is a fantastic invention. Where else would anyone listen to me with interest for a whole hour, asking the right questions and improving my quality of life?

From forty, things finally quietened down

After my daughter and I successfully mastered puberty, she moved out at the age of 20.

At this point, I felt a little exhausted by life, which manifested itself in the form of a personal crisis. I benefited again from counselling, handed in my notice both at work and on my apartment and travelled to the US for a year. My fathers stories spiked my curiousity. Why did he love this country so much?

Full of energy and enthusiasm on 1 January 2006, I started a new job at Novartis Pharma AG. 

I had always seen images, even whole films of situations or knew things without consciously experiencing them. My intuition had already been highly developed since childhood. I could very quickly understand my clients and establish trust. I thought it was the same for everyone.

By chance I found that not everyone has had these experiences, that these were special sensitive, mediumship skills. At the same time, I had experiences which did not fit into my rational world view and which I could not explain with pure common sense.

I was sitting with a flat-mate in the kitchen when she received a call. She instantly went pale and simply listened to the caller. While she was listening, I experienced an inner film with lots of details before my eyes.

After putting down the phone, she told me her brother had gone into the cellar at their parent’s home to look for something and then suddenly black powder exploded in his face. He was taken off to hospital by ambulance.

Exactly this, and more, is what I saw play out before my inner eye. 

The discovery, development and training of my sensitive and mediumship skills was full of challenges and excitement.

I experienced things that I would never have believed possible. Communicating with the dead? Tables that hurtle through a room of their own accord? A Roman who speaks to me when I’m in a trance?

If anyone had told me this 10 years ago, I’d have said: “Have you got as screw loose?”

A new adventure has begun!

Until then, I did not believe in either God or any other supernatural beings. I also didn’t believe in life after death or in reincarnation. I was not spiritual.

The opening of my heart for love, spirituality and the spiritual world was slow and stumbling, but sustained. I developed a new world view, the basis of which is all-embracing love. Whether for people, animals or the world of trees and plants.

I’ve always had the opportunity to experience new things. One of these was the following. We were five people and placed out fingertips on a table. We “played” the table with our energy by singing.

After a while, the table began to move through the room of its own accord and we followed its movements, our fingertips still on the table. 

Unbelievable! Our minds were unable to process this experience, because it had never happened before and it could not be scientifically proven.

It was an experience I had to repeat several times before it became believable and conceivable for me.

Following my retirement, I am still able to do what I did before: to counsel and support people on a small part of their journey through life – in a different way.

Free time

My big passion is travel on long, eye-opening trips. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to 37 countries in Europe, Central America, the Middle East and Africa. Ideally, I like to combine my love of travel with my second passion, motorbiking.

I also enjoy time with my family and friends over a good meal and a glass of wine. My appetite for movement is satisfied by dancing salsa, swimming, fitness and walking – preferably in the countryside.

Reading and philosophizing have been a part of me since childhood and remain with me to this day. 

The moral of the story? Tell me after our first session. 

A new chapter  in my life began- professional independence!

I look forward to meeting you!



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