I’m Claudia. Social worker, therapist, coach and medium. You’re in good hands with me!

Follow your energy – it leads to your goals!

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For 30 years I have passionately supported people who have temporarily lost their bearings, want to resolve conflicts, are facing an important decision or striving to achieve new goals.

May I also offer you my support?

Aura Coaching

Are you looking for a competent, trustworthy and appreciative person who listens to you and understands you? Someone who helps calm the restless thoughts buzzing around your head so that you can identify solutions and perspectives more clearly once again?

Do you want to make a decision, to resolve conflicts with yourself or with others, to identify what it is that is weighing on you or to make headway in your development process?

Do you find that the more you think, the more stuck you become, until you can get no further?

Maybe it is not easy for you to talk about yourself and your issues and you like support for this?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

You can think of Aura Coaching as a personal stocktaking that will provide you with new perspectives and added energy to take home with you. But also with questions that will help you make headway in your process. 


In my practice in Basel or online
45-60 minutes | Online CHF 70,- | In my practice CHF 90.-

Your energy is as wonderful as your soul.

Would you like to find out how a deceased person you hold dear is faring? Knowing this can offer some solace.

Contact with the Spirit World

Contact with Spirit World is suitable for people who want to know how a person they have lost and who is dear to them is faring. It may be someone who died only recently or many years ago.

People grieve very differently. Everyone grieves in their own way. Sometimes feelings of anger or of being left alone come to the surface. These feelings are normal in a grieving process.

To learn that this person is faring well is very moving and brings with it consolation and healing. A contact with the Spirit World  touches your heart directly and can bring a little peace. It can help to soften the grief.

The human being is energy. Energy is indestructible. Energy can communicate.

These are scientific facts that should prompt us to ask: where does our energy go after our death?

I am convinced that our energy continues to exist after death and that we can communicate with this energy.

I have repeatedly found I am able to describe deceased people that I have not known. This convinced both me and my clients.

In my practice in Basel or online
45-60 minutes | Online CHF 70.- | In my practice CHF 90.-

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is suitable for 360-degree processing of one or more stressful situations as well as for individuals who are stuck in their emotional and/or spiritual development process.

It combines aura coaching with two spirit contacts and traditional coaching methods such as goal setting and action planning.

You will learn how and where you can initiate the desired change with new courage and more clarity.

If you are looking for an experienced professional who can quickly grasp and understand your personality and competently support you, you’ve come to the right place!

I consciously combine my formal education as social worker, therapist and coach, 30 years of counselling practice with my mediumship skills and abilities that I have been trained in.

In my practice in Basel or online
90-120 minutes | Online CHF 150.- | In my pratice CHF 180.-

I am Claudia Roth. Social worker, therapist, coach and medium.

You’re in good hands with me!

During each session, I treat you with respect and appreciation, listen to you objectively, with an open mind and great interest.

I see you and take you seriously as a person with your unique soul. I support you in the goals you want to achieve.

I see it as a huge gift that I have been granted the privilege now for 30 years to offer my support to people in search of counseling and coaching and to share a little of their journey as an attentive companion. I have many years of practical and theoretical knowledge in my profession and continue to learn with and through every individual.

I can look back on many specific training courses  in mediumship. Aura coaching, contacts with the Energy World of the hereafter and spiritual coaching round off my work. 

Behind every person there is a story. But how did I become the person I am today?

Energy is global, not local – it exists everywhere at once.

In my practice in Basel or online


“Claudia made a wonderful contact for me with my great aunt. If she hadn’t given her name at the beginning, I wouldn’t have recognized her. Everything she described was right. And the things I didn’t know, I was able to clarify shortly after and confirm as well. It is nice to know that she is with me. I feel much closer to her after the contact. Thank you Claudia.”


Rina Geissbühler


“I asked Claudia to contact my nanny.” Since he had left, I never had any contact with him. And I was afraid he wouldn’t come because our paths diverged at lifetimes and I had such a guilty conscience.

But he came through Claudia. She described him very precisely, I had the certainty that he had followed my wish to speak with him.

His message was heart-touching. He thanked me for enriching his life. Healing took place, on both sides. I cried. With joy and relief. And Claudia hugged me then, because she was touched as well.

Thank you Claudia. Thank you Ava. Thank you, spiritual world.”


Caterina Cammarota


“A few months ago I met Claudia Roth regarding a mediumistic session. My life circumstances at that time were very 

challenging and difficult. So I wished for advice from the spiritual world. To my delight the first contact was a person very close to me. Claudia Roth described her nature and character very accurately and gave me a beautiful message. I left the session completely touched and strengthened.”


Markus S.


“Due to illness, I was out for a long time. I was exhausted and it was difficult for me to cope with my everyday life. 

In addition to my doctor and my therapist, I looked for other people who could support me and see me as a person – not just as a patient. By chance I met Claudia Roth. We made an appointment for a conversation / coaching. 

During the whole time I felt understood by her and got very helpful support for my next steps. 

Many thanks for that!”

Thomas B.


I came to the session purely by chance. The name Claudia Roth triggered me and so I took a closer look at the program of the PSI Center this time.
The “coincidence” wanted it that I was granted an appointment, which, in retrospect, took place exactly at the right time.

What I didn’t know in advance was that the health of the person who came through was apparently very poor, and during the conversation he was already dying and no longer always conscious.

Despite these circumstances, however, Ms. Roth accurately grasped the person and what he or she was saying. For me, this made many things more understandable, clearer and more reconcilable.

I am enormously grateful for this, because two days later this person was able to let go and pass into the spiritual world.
In retrospect, it seems to me as if I was “led” to this conversation. A great gift!

I especially liked the fact that Mrs. Roth was very careful that I, as a client, did not give any unasked information, so as not to influence the announcements.


A few weeks ago I spontaneously booked an aura coaching session with Ms. Roth because I had urgent questions.

After the session, many things were clearer to me and answered, encouraged I went home.

Ms. Roth described my nature and character very accurately and everything with a pinch of humor. I liked that very much, I also felt very comfortable in her practice.

Should I have any questions or need support again, I will be happy to contact Ms. Roth again.